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Colorado Springs destination for Precision Massage Therapy

 Precision Manual Therapy & Rehab LLC​

"Specializing in Motor Vehicle Injuries and Chronic Pain"  

Accidents happen, whether your car accident was last week or last year we specialize in getting you better. After an auto accident the last thing you need to worry about is your wallet, at our Colorado Springs office we want you to focus on getting better and making sure your family is well cared for. For this reason we are happy to accept personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, medpay, and in most cases we will even work on a lien so there is no out-of-pocket cost for you. Do to our highly individualized care and specialized testing we excel at working with insurance companies, and work hand in hand with local attorneys to make sure that your case is managed in the best way possible both legally and a medically.

Whether you are suffering from whiplash, neck pain, jaw pain, headaches, low back pain, sciatica or any other issue we are here to help. When you are involved in a car accident a major reason you develop pain is because you have exceeded your body's' tolerance for injury. While some activities such as sitting at a desk all day will slowly decrease your tolerance for injury leading to pain after many years, an auto accident will decrease your tolerance in only moments.

This is an important concept because based on work done by Renown Spinal Expert Stuart Mcgill, as well as our own clinical experience a loss of tolerance for injury is progressive. What this means is that an auto accident today may set us up for pain in the future even if we do not notice it right away. For this reason it is extremely important to carefully evaluate any area injured in a car accident and make sure you are set up with a personalized program to rebuild your tolerance. With years of treating chronic pain we are uniquely qualified to help you find lasting relief from your auto injury.

 After a car accident you need to focus on getting better instead of worrying about your medical bills. We happily offer to work on a lien with many of our clients so that there is no out-of-pocket cost to you.

 Call now and start feeling better today!