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Colorado Springs destination for Precision Massage Therapy

 Precision Manual Therapy & Rehab LLC​

"Specializing in Motor Vehicle Injuries and Chronic Pain"  

Flexibility, Mobility, and Maintenance

If you are feeling tight, stiff, or un-flexible this service is for you!

Whether you are an Olympic athlete, a weekend warrior, or a book nerd (like me) maintaining your flexibility, range of motion, and overall mobility is an important part of overall health and prevention. At precision manual therapy & rehab we have combined the concept of full body relaxation with the targeted effects of precision work. 

Precision Manual Mobilization (PMM) developed by Seth Will is a method that allows us to do targeted full body stretching that feels wonderful. The goal of PMM put simply is to make mobile the parts of the body that are supposed to move and to stabilize the parts of the body that shouldn't. The work is very relaxing yet at the same time highly therapeutic to the muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, and nerves of the body. This therapy was originally offered for our patients after their pain has been treated to maintain their flexibility and help prevent issues from developing in the future by coming in every 3-4 months for a "tune up," but it was such a big hit that many people come in now once a month!

Walk me through a session:

Just like our rehabilitation work, all treatment is done fully clothed in a private room in shorts and either a tank top or sports bra on top of a massage table. The table is heated and padded to make sure that you stay warm and comfortable during your session. The intake portion is much shorter than in our rehabilitation work and is often tossed in throughout the session in such a relaxing way you will never even notice! We will focus on the areas that are tightest and work our way through the whole body so you come out feeling balanced, relaxed, and taller!

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Pricing and Discounts:

One Hour Massage: $75

Half Hour Massage: $50

prepaid packages available upon request*