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Colorado Springs destination for Precision Massage Therapy

 Precision Manual Therapy & Rehab LLC​

"Specializing in Motor Vehicle Injuries and Chronic Pain"  

Targeted relief from Headaches and Migranes

If you are suffering from chronic pain or a recent sprain this service is for you!

 Studies show that about one quarter of the population has orofacial pain (pain in and around the head and face.)

"oro-facial pain in the community: prevalence and associated impact. Macfarlane TV, Blinkhorn AS, Davies RM, Kincey J, Worthington HV community dent oral epidemiol. 2002 Feb;30"

According to this and other studies that suggests that one in four households have someone effected by migranes!

For anyone who suffers regularly from headaches or migranes there are not a lot of quality options available for treatment. Some headaches are well understood and very treatable (such as "tension headaches") while other types such as migranes are still poorly understood. Medication can often help for the person suffering from occational headaches, and other hands on therapies such as massage, chiropractic, and dry needling have been shown to help as well; however for the chronic sufferer (usually more than 3 headaches a month) the issue is very complex.

At precision manual therapy & rehab we specialize in the careful evaluation of the various reasons that chronic sufferers experience headaches as well as highly specific and targeted hands on therapies to provide relief. Some common underlying issues that can trigger headaches are TMJ problems (issues with movement of the jaw), poorly coordinated movement in the neck affecting the joints in the spine, and re-occuring trigger points in the neck and shoulders.

Walk me through a session:

During your initial consultation we will ask you a few questions about your symptoms to better understand the specifics of your issues. In the case of heachaches we will want to know if they come on at the base of your head, if they travel up your neck, if they are usually one sided, or if they come along with nausea or sensitivity to lights and sounds. We will also want to know how often they come on and what triggers them so we can guage long term success in treatment.

Once we have determined our baseline to measure your success we will proceed with advanced hands on therapy to treat the muscles and joints of the neck, jaw, and shoulder to provide relief.

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Pricing and Discounts:

One Hour Massage: $75

Half Hour Massage: $50

prepaid packages available upon request*