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 Precision Manual Therapy & Rehab LLC​

"Specializing in Motor Vehicle Injuries and Chronic Pain"  

Targeted relief from Shoulder pain

If you are suffering from pain in your shoulder or difficulty in moving your arm this is the service for you!

 Shoulder pain or difficulty raising your arm can greatly affect your life. Unlike other pains that can be managed with medication or general massage for a while without effecting your daily life, shoulder issues can actively stop you from doing daily chores such as vacuuming, driving, washing dishes, or cooking.

Shoulder issues are often very complex from a muscular or skeletal perspective which makes it more difficult to get significant results with general or non-targeted work. Shoulder pain can be affected by the movement of the spine, the shoulder blade, the neck, and the shoulder itself; this means that a detailed assessment of shoulder pain requires a look at all of these areas.  

Walk me through a session:

During your initial consultation we will ask you a few questions about your symptoms to better understand the specifics of your issues. In the case of shoulder pain we may want to know if you can remember when it first flared up, or what activities make it better or worse. We will take a detailed look at HOW you shoulder moves as well as the length and strength of various muscles to determine where the pain is coming from.

Once we have determined our course of therapy we use very specific and highly targeted hands on therapies including massage, neuromuscular therapy, active release therapies, movement therapies and others to help you find relief.​

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On June 8, 2013, I fell onto my left shoulder and broke my collar bone in three places. On June 10th I had surgery where they put three screws and a plate in the shoulder. On June 12th I began physical therapy going two times per week for approx one hour per visit until October 10th when I had surgery to remove all hardware from my shoulder and continued my therapy immediately after surgery. My ROM was mealy nothing. I had pain in the shoulder throughout the entire 5 months of therapy and I had acquired frozen shoulder. 

I was referred to David by my massage therapist, to see if he could help. Within two - one hour sessions, I had a ROM of nearly 75%. I decided to stop physical therapy and continue my treatment with PNMT. 

 The pain in my shoulder had subsided to just slight tightness and as of today, January 31, 2014, I have nearly 100% ROM. David has begun to work on my back problems to see if he can help with that as well. I fully trust David and his knowledge of PNMT and I recommend him to all I know with nerve and muscular issues. 

Thank you,


Pricing and Discounts:

One Hour Massage: $75

Half Hour Massage: $50

prepaid packages available upon request*

Late last fall I was ready to have Rotator surgery done on my left shoulder. My range of motion was very limited and sleeping was very uncomfortable. I had selected a surgeon and had X-Rays and a MRI scan done in preparation for the surgery. I was not looking forward to 4 months of rehabilitation in hopes of good results. A few weeks before the surgery I had received a introductory letter from David in which he had hoped to make contacts within the equestrian industry. I own and operate a horse boarding facility. I responded to his letter to learn more and hopefully provide contacts for David that might be in need of his specialty. While at the office I mentioned my shoulder issue. He offered to take a look and gave me a complimentary treatment. I was so impressed with the improvement to my shoulder I scheduled more sessions. Within a couple of sessions I had regained my range of motion, had minimized pain to the shoulder and started sleeping better. Needless to say I opted out of the surgery for the time being. My strength is gradually returning to the left shoulder and I could not be happier with my results.