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Colorado Springs destination for Precision Massage Therapy

 Precision Manual Therapy & Rehab LLC​

"Specializing in Motor Vehicle Injuries and Chronic Pain"  

Colorado Springs Massage for Auto Injuries and Chronic Pain

Common Conditions Treated:

Low back pain (from many causes)


Wrist Pain

"Frozen shoulder"

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Neck/Shoulder discomfort or fatigue


Hip pain

Knee pain (from many causes)

Ankle pain (such as while jogging)

Injury Rehab

Car accident rehab

Calf cramps (such as at night)

Plantar fascitis (pain in the heel of the foot)

Are you suffering from daily pain? Have you been involved in an auto accident? We are Colorado Springs 1st Massage Therapy office dedicated to PRECISION neuromuscular therapy. We want to provide the most effective and affordable care for your pain, range of motion, and discomfort issues. We are highly specialized massage therapists focusing on the treatment of chronic pain, whether it be years of low back pain or only weeks from a car accident we are here to help. Even after years of daily pain most people receive significant and measurable relief within only 4 to 6 sessions!

If you have been involved in a car accident we work with local lawyers, insurance agents, and doctors to get you the care you deserve all at no cost to you! If you have been suffering from chronic pain and do not have an open claim we gladly offer new client discounts and remember, will not ask you to continue care if you have not experienced significant and measurable improvement within the first 6 sessions.

Finally we guarantee exceptional service! "If you are not treated with exceptional service, let us know and today's' treatment is on the house, no questions asked."

Learn more about what we can do for you by clicking on "why choose us"

or contact us now to find out about our new client discount and start feeling better today!